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[1.7.10] Communicating between Bukkit and Forge

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So I am a bukkit and forge programmer(more forge though) but one of the biggest problems I've had, and many others have had too, is communicating between bukkit and forge. So my fellow modder found out an awesome way to do it. He said he wanted to give credit to this post. He said thats where he got started.


So here is the tutorial:

*Warning*: The following code is not copy-pasteable(you actually have to read and understand and learn from this tutorial)




First, you need to make an IMessage and IMessage Handler.


Diesiben's awesome tutorial


But for those of you who are to lazy to click the link, I will explain in short what you need to do.



First, you need to make a class that implements IMessage. And in that IMessage class you have to do your reading bytes and setting bytes something like this..


public void fromBytes(ByteBuf buf) {
public void toBytes(ByteBuf buf) {

Those are the the methods you need to override.


And in them you need to write and read stuff to and from the bufs. The bufs have the methods to write and read Strings,ints,etc. into and from them.


Next step(still doing IMessage):


Create your IMessageHandler class which has to implement IMessageHandler<[your IMessage],IMessage(this is the reply type but in this we don't have one)>.


Override onMessage and do whatever you want to do with the message.



Next Step:


Register you IMessage and IMessageHandler in your mod file.


NetworkRegistry.INSTANCE.newSimpleChannel([call this something special to avoid mod conflicts]).registerMessage([This parameter is the IMessageHandler that you made], [this is the IMessage you made ],'\n',Side.CLIENT)

I use the discrimator '\n' because there is no id which you can register in bukkit


Useful note: The registerMessage takes class files so.. remember to put the .class

Oddity: for some reason forge is not able to receive packets from bukkit to forge server. Anyone know why or how to fix that?




Final Step-Bukkit Code:


In your plugin onEnable() put the following method in:


Bukkit.getMessenger().registerOutgoingPluginChannel(this, [put the same channel name as you registered it in forge]);


Then whenever you want to send a message from bukkit to forge all you need to do is..

player.sendPluginMessage([the plugin],[the channel name],"\n" + [your message])



If this tutorial helped you leave a thank you  ;)


I'm back from being gone for... I think its been about a year. I'm pretty sure nobody remembers me, but hello anybody who does!

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