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[1.8, solved] ISmartBlockModel issue; item is textured, block is not


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I am trying to implement the example provided with Pull Request 1518.


At this point, the block renders with the missing texture (image) texture. The item renders the redstone block patches only on the top face of the slime block, as well. Clearly I am doing something wrong.


I have gone over the code a few times, but I cannot seem to spot any problems that would be causing this behaviour.


The entire code is in this gist. Any recommendations (towards resolving the issue, or about the code in general) will be appreciated.


Related question: The item renders normally in first-person, but in third-person the block is a full cubic metre in the player's hand. How would I go about fixing this?


Follow-up question: Is there any way to silence the "

[Client thread/ERROR]: Model definition for location two-science-life:pot#normal not found

" console messages when using runtime-baked models?

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You're back!  Long time no post...


This link might help with troubleshooting the block appearance



This mod might help for the cubic metre problem:



The "Blocks" and four subtopics on this page might help



Also this tutorial  post on the smart models






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Gee, I did not expect anyone to remember me here. I am flattered :)


I had a look at the articles you have written (your site is not new to me, by the way), but alas, none of the troubleshooting steps provided a solution.

I was, however, able to move the block registry to CommonProxy#preInit(), which rid me of one of the model definition errors - namely the item model definition error.


I believe ISmartBlockModel (or at least the reference example using it) is a tad different than what your troubleshooting guide covers.

At least, there seems to be no block model file, only an item model file and a (fairly empty) blockstates file, as is visible in the gist I linked in the original post.


Should I have a block model file, despite the lack of one such file in the pull request provided example?

If so, what would the meaningful contents of that file be, considering I will not be defining any custom models or textures (rather, I am reusing vanilla textures on a regular old cube).



Edit: Solution

Changing the proxies and the event handler to be more in line with the most current version of the example (as seen in the repository master) fixed the untextured block issue.

This removed the need to have any model- or blockstate files, as well.

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