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Problems Connecting to 1.7.10 Server, Forge


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Hello everyone. First time posting here but I have no idea what else to do. I can't figure it out, so let me know if I can add anything else that will help solve this.


The problem I'm having is odd, and I'm not entirely sure that it's forge related, but that seems to be all I can narrow it down to.


My friend has a server running, it's a Direwolf20 1.7.10 with a few mods added-but this issue has nothing to do with that information.

I seem to be getting these huge spikes of lag-but the lag is not normal lag, it seems to be that my end will send to the server, but will not receive from the server. Basically what will happen is every once in a while, either 10 minutes to an hour, I will appear to lose connection to the server on my end; yet I can still move around sometimes in the server (other players can still see me moving). BUT other times I will just be standing there to other people. It's very inconsistent.


Now, the odd part is this is only happening with this ONE server we are running, and only on 1.7.10. So let me try to break it down and explain like this: Friend 1 is running one server on 1.7.10, Friend 2 is running a completely different server, also on 1.7.10.


Friend1 + Direwolf 1.7.10 Server = Lag

Friend1 + Terrafirmacraft 1.7.10 Server = Lag

Friend1 + Terrafirmacraft 1.6.4 Server = Smooth

Friend2 + Custom 1.7.10 Server = Smooth

Friend2 + CrashLanding 1.7.10 Server = Smooth


So what I don't understand is, why is it only this one friends server, combined with a 1.7.10 server that causes this?

Also worth mentioning- I am the only one that has this issue. Other players can play perfectly fine, yet this constantly happens to me.

Some things we have tested are turning off anti-viruses on both computers, changing server ports, both client and server have dynamic IPs.


So in the end- could this be some sort of packet issue with forge maybe? I'm lost as to what it could be, so hopefully someone else can help out with this. It would be greatly appreciated.



I tried copying the logs into pastebin but they are too big. The client log is 66MB and the server is 7MB. I have uploaded them to mediafire and zipped them for downloads instead- sorry.



Thanks for any input.



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