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[1.8] is this mod causing lag when run in server ??


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good days


i have mi premod in alfa state 

i notice mi mod is heavy like 28M  and i dont know if this is to much or is ok


coz wen i run this mod in the normal cliente it works perfect but when i test it on server the server becomes slow there is lag betwin actions and sounds.



an there is this other thing for i been in fear for long, a bug causing than the actions that one player perfome whith any of mi fire guns causes the same action in the other guns held by the other players

but i lack of more pc's to test this


soo lets say i have a 75nf pistol on mi hand and press (*) to set it to take out the bullet click  i  think it will causes that any other player having a 75nf pistol on their hand will take out the bullet clip too


i wish someone could download mi alfa mod and tell my if this things are happend 

slowness or an item afecting others when must not


mi mod in forge has been not aproved yet soo

there is links to google drive acount







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Uhm, you can test it yourself just fine...

Don't PM me with questions. They will be ignored! Make a thread on the appropriate board for support.


1.12 -> 1.13 primer by williewillus.


1.7.10 and older versions of Minecraft are no longer supported due to it's age! Update to the latest version for support.



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Reading your posts always leaves me thinking - who taught you english :D (because of gramma)


Anyway - to test mod you can simply launcher offline mode server and 2 clients from your eclipse (with different nicks).


As to your guns - you are probably not using NBT values, but Item singleton values or using some packets that cause everything to screw up.

Remember - never use global values if you want effect to be per-player.

1.7.10 is no longer supported by forge, you are on your own.

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