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Cancel Water/Lava From Pouring


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I've tried cancelling the following events to prevent water from being poured:






So far the issue is that the placed water updates before the cancellation occurs but the bucket is still full for the player. Trying to stop players from using buckets in certain areas (so I need to get the player from the event).


I need something like a BlockUpdateEvent that I can .getPlayerWhoCaused() and even more ideally but not really totally necessary .getPos() (So I can use the blocks position vs. the players position, which if I did I'm assuming the player could stand outside of the protected area and pour water into the protected area, unless I did something fancy like get the Vec3 and find out where the player was looking when the event occured, etc.)


Maybe there's a FluidEvent I can use for this? Maybe I can use the BlockEvent.PlaceEvent and get the BlockPos and if the player's item in hand is a water or lava bucket, set the block at BlockPos to air? Does placing water from a bucket even fire the PlaceEvent?

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[embed=425,349]public class InteractHandler {



public void onInteract(PlayerInteractEvent e) throws SQLException {



EntityPlayerMP player = (EntityPlayerMP) e.entityPlayer;

BlockPos pos = e.pos;


if (ChunkManager.canPlayerUse(pos, player) == false) {


Chat.toChat(player, Chat.noBuild);







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I hate to play the noob card but I know nothing of packets.


Been trying to figure out how to do it, best tutorial I've found s far is yours http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/topic,20135.0.html


I've created my Message and MessageHandler classes, but at this point I have no clue where to go.

I noticed S23PacketBlockChange has .read and .write methods built in, do I need to declare the instance of that in the Message class then? What should the code be inside the EventHandler? Just ModClass.networkWrapper.sendTo(Message message, EntityPlayerMP player) ? What do I put for (Message message)? An instance of my Message class?


Sorry I'm trying to learn, maybe it's something simple, like I said I just have no experience in packets sending/receiving.


Thanks for your help!

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Wow thanks. All that research... Lol


Anyway I guess for 1.8 the constructor has changed (now S23PacketBlockChange(World, BlockPos))

It still isn't working, but I added a debug line to report which block is updated, and it appears to be updating the block with coordinates (x-1, y-1, z-1) from the original block that is right clicked (not the block the water is placed in).


I'm going to see if I can get an array of all BlockPos's adjacent to the one that is clicked and just update all 7 blocks (that should cover the placement of water/lava on any of the block faces.)


Would that be slow?

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Ok with that method the correct block is logged, however the water still places. Here is my code:




BlockPos updatePos = pos.offset(e.face);

S23PacketBlockChange s23 = new S23PacketBlockChange(world, updatePos);

System.out.println("Sending packet for " + updatePos.getX() + ", " + updatePos.getY() + ", " + updatePos.getZ() + " to " + player.getName());


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I added some more debug code before the packet is sent:



System.out.println("This will send information for server block " + world.getBlockState(updatePos).getBlock().toString());



This will send information for server block net.minecraft.block.BlockAir@1d87e84f


When placing water.

So I guess the server is sending air to the client, but water is still being placed.


Also I thought I'd note that water can also be removed with an empty bucket as well.


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I figured it out. It was the FillBucketEvent all along.



public void onBucketUse(FillBucketEvent e) {


if (!(e.entity instanceof EntityPlayerMP)) return;


EntityPlayerMP player = (EntityPlayerMP) e.entity;

        MovingObjectPosition mop = e.target;

        BlockPos pos = mop.getBlockPos();


    try {

if (ChunkManager.canPlayerUse(pos, player)) {



} catch (SQLException e1) {








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