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Prior to gradle, mc source was in the project.  What I used to do was spend time renaming variables and things to make code easier to read and keep in my head.  Much easier when you know that p_70299_1 is a World object.  Is there any way to do something like that now? If there's a nicer way that others use to manage the source with saner names, I'm open to suggestions.



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Ernio -- It's ok, I think you missed the whole 'prior to gradle' part of my post.  I'm just curious what is the best way to do what I used to do regarding mc source.  Right now I'm thinking to just extract the deobfuscated sources into another module/project and manage it that way -- nothing that would get compiled into the mod, just a place to keep source that I modify for saner names.

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So maybe the work days are too long... but I can't figure this out.  Are you saying that after moving to 1.8; I should be able to refactor -> rename parameters within a jar?  I did setup intellij for 1.8, ported a few basic mods over without issue but it still says,  "refactoring cannot be performed File.java is in a jar.".


All that I'm doing is cmd-clicking either an object or an inherited method that's taking me to the proper java source within forgeSrc*sources.jar.

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