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[1.7.10] Questions about Bounding boxes and World renderers


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Hi there,

I'm working on new mod, and i want to force to update world rendering in certain cases in certain areas. Force, because rendering of certain blocks depends of player's position.

I already found array of all world renderers (and i can access it), but now i want to choose only those responsible for my area (i have the area specified via AxisAlignedBB)... Afterwards marking them needsUpdate will do the thing...

Any ideas are welcome...


And also, i can't mark all of them to be updated: this produces little frame drop and freezing...

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Do you mean this code?

     * Will update this chunk renderer
    public void updateRenderer(EntityLivingBase p_147892_1_)
        if (this.needsUpdate) //needsUpdate
            this.needsUpdate = false;

            //Rendering bound for Chunk. (posX~posX+16, ...)
            int i = this.posX;
            int j = this.posY;
            int k = this.posZ;
            int l = this.posX + 16;
            int i1 = this.posY + 16;
            int j1 = this.posZ + 16;

            for (int k1 = 0; k1 < 2; ++k1)
                this.skipRenderPass[k1] = true; //Mark render pass to skip

            Chunk.isLit = false; //isLit Determines if the chunk is lit or not at a light value greater than 0.
            HashSet hashset = new HashSet();
            hashset.addAll(this.tileEntityRenderers); //Tileentity Renderer HashSet.
            Minecraft minecraft = Minecraft.getMinecraft();
            EntityLivingBase entitylivingbase1 = minecraft.renderViewEntity; //The Viewing Entity.
            int l1 = MathHelper.floor_double(entitylivingbase1.posX); //l1 is posX
            int i2 = MathHelper.floor_double(entitylivingbase1.posY); // i2 is posY
            int j2 = MathHelper.floor_double(entitylivingbase1.posZ); // j2 is posZ
            byte b0 = 1;
            //gets chunk cache which is for rendering bound for Chunk. (posX~posX+16, ...). Regardless of viewing entity.
            ChunkCache chunkcache = new ChunkCache(this.worldObj, i - b0, j - b0, k - b0, l + b0, i1 + b0, j1 + b0, b0);

            if (!chunkcache.extendedLevelsInChunkCache()) //if(chunk.getAreLevelsEmpty) .. IDK
                ++chunksUpdated; //Increases update count.

                //Gets RendeBlocks.
                RenderBlocks renderblocks = new RenderBlocks(chunkcache);

                //Forge Hook for setting world renderer.
                this.bytesDrawn = 0;
                this.vertexState = null;

                for (int k2 = 0; k2 < 2; ++k2) //RenderPass loop
                    boolean flag = false;
                    boolean flag1 = false;
                    boolean flag2 = false;

                    for (int l2 = j; l2 < i1; ++l2) //X axis loop
                        for (int i3 = k; i3 < j1; ++i3) //Y axis loop
                            for (int j3 = i; j3 < l; ++j3) //Z axis loop
                                Block block = chunkcache.getBlock(j3, l2, i3); //get block on the position to render

                                if (block.getMaterial() != Material.air) //If it is not air, render the block.
                                    if (!flag2)
                                        //sets flag2 to true
                                        flag2 = true;
                                        //pre render blocks.

                                   //Rendering TileEntity.
                                    if (k2 == 0 && block.hasTileEntity(chunkcache.getBlockMetadata(j3, l2, i3)))
                                        TileEntity tileentity = chunkcache.getTileEntity(j3, l2, i3);

                                        if (TileEntityRendererDispatcher.instance.hasSpecialRenderer(tileentity))

                                    //Gets render pass of a block.
                                    int k3 = block.getRenderBlockPass();

                                    if (k3 > k2)
                                        //blockpass is bigger than current pass,
                                        flag = true;

                                    //Can render on RenderPass check.
                                    if (!block.canRenderInPass(k2)) continue;

                                        //Render blocks by type
                                        flag1 |= renderblocks.renderBlockByRenderType(block, j3, l2, i3);

                                        if (block.getRenderType() == 0 && j3 == l1 && l2 == i2 && i3 == j2)
                                            //Block Rendering Settings for Default Blocks at Player Location.
                                            renderblocks.renderBlockByRenderType(block, j3, l2, i3);

                    if (flag1)
                        this.skipRenderPass[k2] = false; //Do not skip RenderPass

                    if (flag2)
                        //when pre render got called, , post render block.
                        this.postRenderBlocks(k2, p_147892_1_);
                        //Set skip render pass.
                        flag1 = false;

                    if (!flag)
                //Forge Hooks (finalization?).

            //Some refreshing.
            HashSet hashset1 = new HashSet();
            this.isChunkLit = Chunk.isLit;
            this.isInitialized = true;


So  basically one WorldRenderer renders a chunk.

I. Stellarium for Minecraft: Configurable Universe for Minecraft! (WIP)

II. Stellar Sky, Better Star Rendering&Sky Utility mod, had separated from Stellarium.

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