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[Magic Crusade] [mod update recruitment]


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Hey guys,


i'm updating my mod (Magic Crusade), and im looking for developpers to work with me


im seeking passionnate people; who know how to works properly and safely. I really want the mod to be the most stable as possible, with the same content as it use to have.

However, if the updating goes well, we could also add some extra content to it

We will probably work on a git repository, so merging will be easier. It would be great if you know how to use it, however i can spend 30 minutes on skype, teamspeak or whatever, to teach you how to use it



The main system is made; so loading blocks, items, spells, classes, achievements; or whatever, and make it compatible multiplayer is really simple

(spell example: https://github.com/toss-dev/Magic_Crusade_1_8/blob/master/main/java/fr/toss/magiccrusade/common/classes/spell/champion/SpellShockwave.java)


Thank you; send me your skype / teamspeak / mail in private message if you are interested  (in comment or p.m), and with your experience in programming


PS: Sorry, my english isnt really good, I hope that wasnt too fuzzy


EDIT: the repo: https://github.com/toss-dev/Magic_Crusade_1_8.git

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