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area protection mod


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okay, so i just created a TPPI server, which runs on 1.6.4, only to learn that bukkitForge and Cauldron no longer exist. this poses a problem when it comes to protecting areas of my server that need protecting.


I have thought long and hard about this and i think i have worked out how to protect land in my mod. i'm just not certain this will work or how to do it. could i get your thoughts please?


here's what i was thinking

create a 3-d array "ProtChunk" and populate it with the protected chunks when the server starts


chunks would be saved in a JSON or YML format and would look like this:













override, or extend (not sure) the block break event so that every time a block is broken the mod does the following check:

get the chunk the block is in, check if this chunk is in an array of protected chunks (which is set from a file when the mod loads). if it is cancel the event



when i want to protect an area i would use a command like /prot new <area name> and then

/prot claim <area name> to claim the chunk i am in.


when i do that 2nd command i would get the chunk i am currently in and save it to the array, which will be saved to the file.



it's a rough idea, can anyone tell me if i'm on the right track and how i would go about doing this?

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Yes, I think you can override the block break event and cancel it for chunks you care to protect.


In terms of saving a list of chunks to protect, I think you can do it a bit more simply. You don't need 3-d, only 2-d because chunks go all the way in the Y-direction -- so if you have X and Z position you can figure out the chunk. Further, you only have to store the X and Z of one block in the chunk as there are methods to find chunk from X and Z position. I don't think you'd need a JSON, you could simply have a text file with pairs of X and Z positions.

Check out my tutorials here: http://jabelarminecraft.blogspot.com/

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ok :)


with regards to storing and saving, i was looking for a way to define areas, so if i want to remove a protected area i just need to remove that area rather than the individual chunks... so it might still only need to be 2d, it would look like this:


Array protChunk{












or am i still being overly complex? lol ( i have a tendency to do that)

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I'm sure it could work with several different approaches. My main point is that you can identify a chunk by a single block location and you only need X and Z from that. So if all your regions are rectangular, you could just record the X, Z position of two corners and use a loop to check for any chunks in between.


So a text format simply like this would specify three regions:














Anyway, I think that would be the most minimal data structure that would be sufficient to figure out all protected chunks. But it seems like you're a competent coder, so feel free to use a more formal tagging scheme if you wish.


Check out my tutorials here: http://jabelarminecraft.blogspot.com/

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