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[1.7.10] [] [SOLVED] Force rendering for block


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Good day!


I am trying to make a book for my mod for players to know how to build structures in my mod.


I am using renderItemIntoGUI() method in RenderItem class.

And I have a slight problem. And that problem is that I need to force rendering type to some Blocks.

Like BlockWall, that is defaultly rendered with two block attachments on sides (picture below) and I need to render it without any connection.




So, my question is:

Is there any clever way to force block rendering?


I am using:

Minecraft 1.7.10


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First of all, that looks realy good. And I'm curious to see how you did this.


Besides, you try to render an Item, wich means you cant change it's state. Basicly this is how it is rendered in your hotbar. So a workaround would be to create your own custom cob.wall without the connected parts, and use that one instead.



- N2ConfigAPI

- Meachanical Crafting Table



- CollectionUtils



- InGameConfigManager

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