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get the text on a sign when the sign is created?


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so I'm about to start developing a new mod now. thanks to everyone who helped me get my last mod out :)


I'm a little stuck.

My new mod is going to be a chest shop-type mod, where there's a sign with some text above a chest to create a player-made shop.


In order to do this, i'll need to check what was written on a sign when it is placed above a chest.


could someone explain how to do this please?


all i know for certain is i will probably need a BlockPlaceEvent (if such an event exists)

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it would be like essentials' shops from bukkit


a sign over a chest with

[buy/sell] -- respectivley


<item/block name>

<shop owner>


written on the sign


is there still a block update event? -- i imagine that would be triggered when the text is applied to the sign, no?

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checking if the sign was a shop sign and checking if there is a chest below the sign when it's placed seemed much easier than building a whole new block.... guess i was wrong lol


i'm trying to avoid GUI's, and packets... they just confuse me every time lol


i have 5 mods i want to build. they are mods that just don't exist in the Forge community (that i can find) -- probably as a result of server owners being so used to bukkit.


my plan was to make all 5 of these mods server-side... so a server owner can decide to include/exclude them without clients needing the mods

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