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Buttons not Scaling/Positioning correctly


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I have a custom chest, and want to draw a few buttons on the GuiContainer, above the item inventory.  But it seems that the buttons aren't scaling with the chest UI like they're supposed to.  They seem to be positioning themselves completely independent.  If I put their x/y at 5,5 it's at the vert top left of the screen instead of the container.


GuiContainer:  http://pastebin.com/VU0fCiah

Background Image: 

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Ok so I moved the statements with the buttons to the constructor so they're only added to the list once.


How do I make them draw at that point?  I can't cycle through the list like an array, so I tried


((GuiButton) this.buttonList.get(i)).drawButton(Minecraft.getMinecraft(), mouseX, mouseY);

but that didn't draw them.


And how did the coordinates not make sense?  Half the width minus 20 would put it a little before the center of the screen.

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