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Help Need Tutorials For Making Machines


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It would help if you described what kind of machine you want to make.


If your machine is something you can put items into (like it has slots), then a furnace would be a good example -- you'd need to implement Container and such.


If your machine doesn't need items, then you would just make it a simple tile entity.

Check out my tutorials here: http://jabelarminecraft.blogspot.com/

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It would be like the macerator from tekkit so it will need slots

Off-Topic: This is why I don't like tekkit.








- Learn how to setup your mod

- Learn how to setup simple items

- Learn how to setup simple blocks

- Learn how to setup interactions with blocks and items

- Learn how to setup NBT Tags

- Learn how to setup Tile Entitys

- Learn how to setup Containers

- Learn how to setup GUIs

- Learn how to setup Renders

- Try to learn how to do anything that you see different.


After this start to make new things with this mixed, if all run right (single player AND with dedicated server), start a concept of how to transform items in new items... with this start your machine. If you don't learn the things around machines a simple problem can destroy your work, because you don't understand what is happening.


I really recomend a good base of Java to do this, because machines require some defined things like logic flags or methods with some different actions that can move a newbie to a big fail.


Machine blocks are an advanced resource in a mod. You can make machines with or without GUIs, with or without containers, with or without some things, but you need to understand all these things first.


Jabelar, Wuppy and some guys are good sources of tutorials... go, learn and fly! o/

// BSc CIS, hardcore gamer and a big fan of Minecraft.


TmzOS ::..

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