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  1. The official documentation, IS minecraft itself. Forge only ever officially supports the version of Java that Minecraft was built for. Any other version of java may or may not work. There is no guaranteed. Forge 1.16 DOES work on 8->17. But you have to do some extra things for 16+ And thus is not supported.
  2. The only thing we 'zip' is the world folder when it detects that something might be broken and/or might break. So just unzip your backup into the world folder and it should be fine. Nothing just randomly zips things.. so there is no way to make it 'stop' because it shouldnt be doing it.
  3. This should have nothing to do with the disc it's on. I constantly work on the Z drive and it works just fine. Also, i would advise against using MCreator, as using a normal modding system is recommended so you actually understand what you're doing.
  4. No. Microsoft wants to charge stupid amounts of money to stop marking unknown exe's as viruses. The Jar works on all operating systems that have java installled. All the exe was was a wrapper around the jar that automatically found java for you. So no. Unless you wanna pay the crapload of money it costs per year to shut up Microsoft's 'anti-virus'.
  5. Try 1.16.5-36.1.25 and provide us with the logs from both sides. I added some extra logging to make it easier to figure out what packet is being bad.
  6. Really old Minecraft versions are no longer supported on this forum. Please update to a modern version of Minecraft to receive support.
  7. I guess they could edit the level.dat... but why would you. Stop trying to work around a system designed to do what you need
  8. Yes people always fuckup systems because they think they know best. The problem is people fail to understand what were trying to do. Or how the system works. `it does not affect existing worlds` this is a prime example. Its MEANT to not effect existing worlds because in theory server side configs would cause issues if changed during the worlds life. But yes people do stupid things and we do need a system that is better for pack dev's and users. The problem becomes implementation. How do we figure out what values in the world folder were intentional edits to the con
  9. If it says the mod is not valid, then it's not valid. You'll have to make sure you got your mod from a legitimate website. Also, whenever you're asking for help, post your log file.
  10. Coremods are not supported as they like to break things. Remove whatever coremods you have installed and try again. Also be sure to provide your logs when asking for help.
  11. You don't. You use the Installer. It works on all Operating Systems.
  12. As a note, All versions of Forge work just fine on 'MACOS' it's just some graphics cards screw up LWJGL. If you want to update LWJGL yourself in your own install, got for it. But as Daemon said, we don't have anyone who can verify the issue or who can test the fix. And we are not going to by default ship native files compiled by random 3rd parties to our millions of users. There is however, nothing stopping you from using a text editor and updating the lwjgl dep yourself. We just dont support it for the above reasons.
  13. 1.8 is no longer supported on this forum. Please update to a modern version of Minecraft to receive support.
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