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[1.8][UNSOLVED] Model errors & connected stem texture not found


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After fixing the nullpointer that had to do with the crop I stumbled upon another crash :/

Log: http://pastebin.com/ntJgkG3C

This happens randomly, I expect whenever it spawns a new melon block, as they never appear.


Anyone who can help? Again, Source is on Github: https://github.com/J3FF97/Elemental-Melons/tree/1.8



Again, this is something with the loadorder, since if I load the melons before I load the stems, it works.


If the loadorder is blocks - stems - items, I won't get any items if I break a melon.

If the loadorder is stems - blocks - items OR stems - items - blocks , It crashes.

If I load the items before the stems, the same crash as earlier happens.


Also, the connected melon stems (connected to a block) appear as untextured which for some reason I can't find a way to fix (The model files clearly refer to the minecraft textures, and all the other states work :/


[EDIT 2]

Another edit whee~


After screwing around with the loadorder some more (and making my code look more horrible than I would've liked ^-^' ) I got it sort of working.

I have split up the items into seeds and slices and the blocks into melons and stems. The current load order is slices - melons - stems - seeds. This seems to have fixed everything except the textures. Hence I'm assuming that part is fixed. All that's left is the textures...


What the log shows for the textures:



Source on git, etc etc.



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