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[1.7.2] Why is onItemRightClick called twice?


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Hi there,

currently I'm playing around with rotation/position of the player, but I don't really get it why this method is called two times insted of just once; for another item I used a very inefficient way (at least I think it could be done better):



Now back to my actual question: why is this method called twice (e.g. when just checking the players rotation if the player right-clicks a certain item)?


Also, I don't get what the upper two values stand for (if you'd keep turning right they would probably go to the max value of a float)...




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Ohh.. really didn't think about this client-server-thing (it's been a few months since I *tried* to write mods :/ )

Now at least this part is working as it should




p.s. I'm a little bit afraid to ask, but how do I store variables etc. in the ItemStack? (I don't know why, but currently I have no clue...)

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