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TileEntity rotation?


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Here's the rundown of my mod. This is a turret/sentry gun mod for minecraft, this is also my first mod. I can place down the turret and it is able to rotate 360 degrees on the y axis(I've tested this). The turret also has a single inventory slot for ammunition. Here's the problem, I can get the entities I want to target within a given radius but I can't make the turret face the target. I'm a bit of a math noob( taking algebra 2 ), I've tried using Math.atan2 and Math.toDegrees with no success. Is there anyway to have the turret face the target based on the x and y coordinates of the target(assuming the turret is the center).


Render Class : https://github.com/Brimhall-Labs/turret-mod-for-minecraft/blob/master/Turrets/src/main/java/com/natal/turrets/render/TurretRender.java


Item Class: https://github.com/Brimhall-Labs/turret-mod-for-minecraft/blob/master/Turrets/src/main/java/com/natal/turrets/blocks/BasicTurretBlock.java


TileEntity Class: https://github.com/Brimhall-Labs/turret-mod-for-minecraft/blob/master/Turrets/src/main/java/com/natal/turrets/tileentities/TileEntityTurret.java


Mod folder: https://github.com/Brimhall-Labs/turret-mod-for-minecraft/tree/master/Turrets/src/main/java/com/natal/turrets

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Since it seems that you dont seem to care about the y value of your target you could just take the x/z values and throw them Into math.atan2


(javadoc) Returns:

the theta component of the point (r, theta) in polar coordinates that corresponds to the point (x, y) in Cartesian coordinates.

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Thank you for all of the replies, I got it working. I derped out for a couple of days to suddenly realize that y is up and down and put in the wrong parameters for math.atan2.

so instead of this Math.atan2( directionY , directionX) which is what I used before, I did this to fix it Math.atan2( directionX, directionZ )

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