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Fanusa Minecraft Server 1.8.6 – Survival,PVP,Events & NO Griefing


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Server Name: – Fanusa Server

Description: – The Fanusa Server is a new way to see and play Minecraft.

A new world with version 1.8.6, up to date, where each player may be at “home” and create their own.

Are you a novice player? You will settle in easily, learn, ask for help and find out how a simple “cube” can create a thousand and one forms.

You’re a more experienced player? And then, most trained eye, you’ll notice the beauty of the details, where everything is left to chance, but carefully.

Admin Server will take to new things, to PERFORM reality game, increasing it with selected plugins and special: you will be protected by an additional password for each login to the server, you’ll have fun with many different events every day, you can make a dress to your character with the selection of your skin, and you can win prizes and more storage if you participate actively and you go up in rank.

As soon as you enter, you will be thrown into a spawn point spectacular and unique, which will start your adventure.

A server “survival” with many opportunities to have fun, but where you can still live the experience survival.

Whether you want to build, fight or “craft”, you will always be welcome!

Come and join us!

Why play here is a breeze!

PS = staff is always available



IP server: – fanusa.gamehosting.it

Slot: – 60

Version: – 1.8.6

Whitelist: no

RAM: – 2GB

TS3: yes


Game Type: Survival

Plugins and Mods: – mcmmo, Essential, Chatcolor, Votifier, PermissionEx, AuthMe and other

Staff currently active: – Fanusa, Planck

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