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[1.8] oredict how to use this. <SOLVED>


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good days

i have a little trouble for the amount of textures in 512*512 in mi mod but fix this takes to another trouble and this other trouble

i think i can resolvit using ore dict butnot to fluent whith the ore dict ore the english languague


for mi understand




*the doub 00

in mi mod i have and steelIngot named AceroMercenario if i declare this ingot in the dictionary like

OreDictionary.registerOre("ingotSteel", new ItemStack(MercenaryModItems.aceroMercenario));


this means that this ingot becomes equivalent to any other steel ingot for any other mod that was declare like "ingotSteel" in the ore dictionary

and thus if in mi mod i make a handgun grip using five steel ingots this recipe would be compatible whith any other steelIngot from any mod ? 


to test this theory  i register two items from mi mod to the same value, mi steel ingot and mi redstone ingot


    OreDictionary.registerOre("ingotSteel", new ItemStack(MercenaryModItems.aceroMercenario));
    OreDictionary.registerOre("ingotSteel", new ItemStack(MercenaryModItems.redstoneMercenaria));


this means if i put five redstone ingots in the workbench gona have the same output from the steel ingot, an handgun steel grip for output,

and the experiments fail coz there is no output whith the five redstone ingots,


soo or

- or  i doit wrong,

- or this is not the way any of this works



heklp gracias.

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oooh is working

the rcipe like is formet in the guide dont work but now whit this i mod it form


GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(MercenaryModItems.mangoAcero, 1,0), new Object[]

{"  ", "AAA", "A  ",  'A', new ItemStack(MercenaryModItems.aceroMercenario,1,0)});



GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ShapedOreRecipe(new ItemStack(MercenaryModItems.mangoAcero, 1,0),  new Object[]

{"  ", "AAA", "A  ",  'A', "ingotSteel" }));


now there is an steel handgungrip in the exit when i use redstone ingots, even mixing steel and redstone 


damnit  looks posible but i must redo like 300 recipes  just to make the test


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