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Take on all attributes of another block


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I'd like to work on a mod that contains a block and an item.


When the block is placed it just sit's there and does nothing interesting. However when you right click the block with the item then right click another block (one not apart of the mod) my block would take on ALL the attributes of this block, from how it's rendered to how it's mined, but still be my block so I could change the texture of it if need be.


Is this feasible?

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so how do I tell the block to use a different texture? especially when there are so many mods out there that have dynamic textures.


Do you really need to do a different texture, or are you just coloring the hue of the existing texture. Above you mentioned that you want to change hue.


In that case, I think you can look at how grass tinting works.


In earlier versions you could also do multi-pass rendering of blocks, but I'm not sure how to do that in 1.8. TheGreyGhost is an expert at block rendering and can probably provide ideas.

Check out my tutorials here: http://jabelarminecraft.blogspot.com/

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Could you describe a bit more exactly what you want to do?  The best approach depends a lot on that.


For example

- changing the colour of all blocks of a particular type (eg all sand blocks)


- changing the colour of one block at one [x,y,z] location only, for any type of block


- changing the colour of one block at one [x,y,z] location only, for a few (say ten) different types of block, eg grass or wood or similar


None of them are particularly easy and I think it will be a steep learning curve with no guarantee it will work how you want.



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