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[1.8] [SOLVED] LivingDeathEvent not canceling


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For my spells mod, I'm making spells effects which are similar to Potion effects, but also remember the person who cast them. I'm trying to make an immortality spell, but I can't get the death event to be canceled. I'm setting it canceled and it is confirming that it is canceled, but the player still dies. Here's my code:

public void preventDeath(LivingDeathEvent event) {

	//if (SpellEffects.hasEffect(event.entityLiving, SpellEffects.spontaneousRegeneration.getId())) {
	//	System.out.println("death event by " + event.source.toString());
	//	System.out.println("You're immortal, so you're good");
	System.out.println("Was the event canceled?: " + event.isCanceled());
	if (event.isCancelable())

My code for the spell effect handler is here:

	public void spellEffectsHandler(LivingUpdateEvent event) {

	EntityLivingBase target = event.entityLiving;
	NBTTagCompound activeEffects = SpellEffect.getActiveEffects(target);

	if (activeEffects != null) {

		Object[] activeEffectKeys = activeEffects.getKeySet().toArray();

		for (Object i : activeEffectKeys ) {
			int id = Integer.parseInt((String)i);
			int timeRemaining = activeEffects.getIntArray((String) i)[0];
			EntityLivingBase caster = (EntityLivingBase) target.worldObj.getEntityByID(activeEffects.getIntArray((String) i)[1]);
			SpellEffect spfx = SpellEffect.getEffectById(id);

			if (spfx != null) {

				if (timeRemaining > 0) {

					spfx.onUpdate(target, timeRemaining, caster);
					spfx.addTo(target, --timeRemaining, caster);


				else if (timeRemaining == 0) spfx.clearFrom(target);
				else if (timeRemaining < 0) spfx.onUpdate(target, timeRemaining, caster);

The events are registered correctly, and strategic print statements confirms this registration. Even though the event is claiming it is canceled, entities are still dying. Perhaps my code is conflicting with itself and that causes this? The rest of my code is at https://github.com/Himself12794/powersAPI

With all due respect, sir: I do, what I do, the way I do it. ~ MacGyver

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I am not sure why it isnt working, I assume it is because even if you prevent the death of the entity, its hp is still 0.. sth like that.

BUT there is another way you can use, actually this is how I prevent my entities from diing.

Use the event that is called when an entity is taking damage (LivingHurt ? I am not sure..) In that event check if the damage is killing the target, damage>hp and if it does check if the player has the immortality effect..

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Or you can heal the entity for 1 hp or something before returning from the cancelled death event. As you said, though, the effect is similar either way.

I tried that, and it did not work. I tried set the hp to max as well, but that did not work either.


Edit: Although looking back, EntityLivingBase#heal() only works if the health is above 0.0. So I'd assume using setHealth() instead would work.

With all due respect, sir: I do, what I do, the way I do it. ~ MacGyver

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