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[SOLVED] Where to find Forge and/or Minecraft source code


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Hello guys,

I have started modding Minecraft back in beta something, and have stopped playing and modding Minecraft for a long time. Now I wanna get into it again, and everything is quite different.

Back then, I used to look at the source code for Minecraft itself, as looking at the source code is one of the best tutorials one can have.

Now, with the way the development environment is set up, there is no source code included, not for Forge, nor for Minecraft.


So I'm asking, is there any way to download the source code of either of those things, because sticking with the available tutorials just isn't enough, imo.


I'm really sorry if this is kind of a dumb question and there is an obvious answer to it, but I've been looking around for a quite a while now and can't seem to find anything.


Thanks in advance,

- Apace

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Seems like I did something wrong when setting up the environment.


I've deleted my old Forge environment now and will try to set it up once again.

Using the latest recommended Forge version and following a different tutorial this time.


I will tell you once it has finished if I now have access to the forgeSrc library. :)



EDIT: Success!

What I did to make it work:

1. Run 'gradlew setupDecompWorkspace' (I think this did the trick - I'm pretty sure I was using 'gradlew setupDevWorkspace' before)

2. Run 'gradlew eclipse' (or 'gradlew idea')


Thanks for trying your best to help, Failender. :)


EDITEDIT: Scrap that.

The library is now called forgeSrc, but still only contains the compiled class files for both Minecraft and Forge.


EDITEDITEDIT: Oh well, I am dumb.

Apparently, the files show up as .class files in the package explorer still, but when double-clicking to view them they actually show the source code now, as opposed to the .class file information eclipse would normally show for compiled class files.


So, yay, it works. :D

Thanks to you again, Failender, and to bedrockminer for the tutorial on how to set up the Forge development environment.

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