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[1.7.10] Block textures not showing up.


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I have a block that can have multiple textures based on metadata. When I summon it, (setBlock method in World) it has the missing texture even though I have textures for it:


Here is my block's code:

public class BlockLightCrystal extends Block {
    public IIcon[] icons;

    public BlockLightCrystal(Material material) {


    public void registerBlockIcons(IIconRegister reg) {
        icons = new IIcon[7];

        for (int i = 0; i < this.icons.length; ++ i)
            this.icons[i] = reg.registerIcon(this.getTextureName() + "_" + i);

    public IIcon getIcon(int side, int meta) {
        return this.icons[meta];


It should work, but it isn't working.


Edit: Oh also, when I summon the block, I have the metadata changed to make the crystal look like it's growing. Hence the 7 different textures.

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Isn't this line

this.icons[i] = reg.registerIcon(this.getTextureName() + "_" + i);

registering strings like "LightCrystal_0_0", "LightCrystal_0_1", etc.?


It'll probably work if you change it to

this.icons[i] = reg.registerIcon("LightCrystal" + "_" + i);

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I changed it, but it's still doing the same thing:


And btw, I had it like this before.


Still didn't work.


Does it work when registering the textures with the modid?

this.icons[i] = reg.registerIcon([YourMod].modid + ":" + "LightCrystal" + "_" + i);

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