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Hiring Forge MOD Maker!


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I'm in need of a 1.8+ Forge mod to be made specifically for my server, I am paying, and I'm also not sharing too much specifics in this post. We have a community waiting for the release of the server and I don't want them to find too much information just yet ;P so if you have any questions on the specifics, we'll have to communicate in private.

My budget is up to discussion, I'll pay the right amount to whomever can bring this mod to life. (around 1-500usd)

Timeline, I will need at least the questbook finished by the end of June, the armors, weapons and HUD by the end of July, the rest doesn't need to be finished till around September / October. Talk to me if you need more time.

Message me privately for Skype details please, I get enough junk mail, I don't want spam bots on my Skype too :P



The Objective of the Mod


I want a mod that's -similar- to HQM, in the fact that there will be a quest book, with quests and rewards. However I want the quests to directly interact with Custom NPC's. For instance, lets say there's two quests in the quest book, quest A and Quest B.


Quest B is greyed out, meaning it's currently unavailable. Quest A says "Go into town and talk to Joe". I would be able to make it so if you talk to Joe, the quest completes, unlocking Quest B. OR making it so when you talk to Joe, he gives you a Custom NPC's quest. Once that quest is complete, the Questbook would know, and you'd receive your reward and Quest B would now be available.


I would also need to be able to update and create the Questbook in game, please have permissions set so that we can make it so only owners can do it.



New Items


I have 6 chest items (they can't be placed) ranging in rarity. I want them to be the item that you hold in your hand and right click for them to "open

" or be used, giving the player a random item. I'm in the middle of typing up the list of items and their ID's, per chest.


Some other small things, and new Armor and Weapons. I'm doing the art for all of the items/armors/weapons.


I will need some armor effects, like speed, or jump height. As well as "if you have the complete set you get a bonus effect". Usually speed. But the specifics will be decided as I get the armor completed.



New Blocks


I have a large block, that's 2 wide, 3 long and 2 tall. The specifics of this block will be mentioned privately. -You will need to 3D model this block. I have made designs, and I can texture it if you provide the UV map for me.


I also have a single block that works similarly to glass, I'll tell you the specifics privately. -This will need to be modelled and textured by the mod maker.





I have a special equip slot as well, I can create the HUD for it as well. I will talk about the specifics of the HUD privately.





This isn't needed, but it would certainly be useful. Hearts to give the player more health. (add a second row of hearts after consuming a heart item).


Additionally, maybe one or two completed armors will have a second bar of armor protection?



-Thanks for reading!

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