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[1.7.10] ExtraDimensions Mod


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I've just posted my first mod to GitHub:  https://github.com/worldwidewoogie/extraDimensions


It's not been thoroughly tested, so I'm sure there are bugs, but I'd appreciate any feedback.  You can get the latest jar here:




Extra Dimensions Minecraft Mod


Allows dynamic creation and deletion of dimensions via commands (restricted to ops in multiplayer). Adds the following commands:



  list all biomes supported by ExtraDimensions


xdcreate <Dimension Name> <Biomes> <World Type>

  create a new ExtraDimension

    <Dimension Name> - required.  String with no spaces

    <Biomes>        - optional.  Comma separated list of biome IDs without spaces

    <World Type>    - optional.  World type for new dimension:

                                          xdMultiBiome - ExtraDimensions Default

                                          BOP          - Biomes O'Plenty (if installed)

                                          flat        - Minecraft flat world

                                          default      - Minecraft overworld

                                          largeBiomes  - Minecraft large biomes (as used on Minecraft servers)

                                          amplified    - Minecraft amplified

                                          default_1_1  - Minecraft


xddelete <Dimension Name or ID>

  delete existing ExtraDimension

    <Dimension Name or ID> - required.  Name or ID of dimension to delete


xdlist <Dimension name or ID or '.'>

  list dimension information

    <Dimension name or ID or '.'> - optional.  If included, list information for dimension name/ID.  "." will list current dimension


xdrename <Dimension Name or ID> <New Dimension Name>

  rename existing ExtraDimension

    <Dimension Name or ID> - required.  Name or ID of dimension to rename

    <New Dimension Name>  - required.  New name for dimension


xdtp <target player name> <destination player name>


xdtp <target player name> <destination dimension (name or ID)> <x> <y> <z>

  teleport to an ExtraDimensions

    <target player name>                - optional.  Player to teleport.  If not specified will act on player who sent commands

    <destination player name>            - required.  Teleport to position of player, regarless of what dimensions

    <destination dimension (name or ID)> - required.  ExtraDimension to teleport to.  0 or overworld will go to overworld

    <x> <y> <z>                          - optional.  Position to teleport to

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