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How to build mods against custom forge?


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I'm wrangling with a bit of a dilemma. My mod setup requires some modifications to Minecraft Forge itself. (Technically I *could* make the changes via ASM or reflection, but given that it's mostly a personal project and that I'm implementing extra functions and whatnot, editing the base classes directly seemed the superior solution.)


I checked out Forge, set up a workspace, made my changes, and compiled. That worked perfectly.


But when I took the produced Forge source build, set up the dev workspace, and tried to build Biomes O Plenty (modified to use the new methods) against it, the build failed due to an unknown symbol. Specifically, one of the added methods.


I also tried building ExtraBiomesXL, with similar results, and setting up the standard Forge build and substituting in my custom JAR, which didn't work either.


The question is this:  How do I build mods against a custom version of Minecraft Forge?


Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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Because I have a specific goal in mind and I'm not sure how else to do it. I'm trying to extend the biome array, and by all appearances it's working perfectly. In order to make that accessible to mods while preserving vanilla-like functionality for those that don't understand the new biome structure, I need to implement new methods.


It's not vanilla-compatible and exhibits odd behavior with mods that attempt to change the current biome, so it isn't a candidate for inclusion in Forge. And I'm not so skilled at Java to be able to do it by ASM. (Besides, it would be royally difficult by ASM, whereas just changing what I need in Forge is comparatively easy.)


It's for personal use, and I don't intend to release it. If there's a really good reason I still shouldn't be doing it, and/or there's a better way of getting something similar, I'd be grateful if you could explain that, as I seem to have missed it.


But there's broader reason to want to build against modified Forge. I might be mistaken (it's entirely possible), but it seems to me there are other extremely valid reasons to build against custom Forge.


If I were adding a new Forge hook, especially given the tight quality control, I might want to build a test mod against custom-Forge to make sure everything was working properly.


If you can point me in a better direction, I'd be grateful to hear it, but even so it would be useful to know how to build against custom Forge.


Thank you for taking the time to help with this.

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