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HandshakeMessageHandler exception


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Client log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9RqL-zfpcJWcGtESzlTc1dSREk/view?usp=sharing

Server log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9RqL-zfpcJWajFfSUxsek9YaTg/view?usp=sharing

(very large logs ... too large for pastebin)


The id 98 is stone bricks in vanilla Minecraft.


When I join my server the message

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Registry entry for ItemBlock net.minecraft.item.ItemMultiTexture@4374a298, id 98, is missing or uses the non-matching id -1.
is displayed by the client, on the login-error screen (with the dirt in background), but there is no crash. The server just sees the connexion closed.


I have tested with Forge 1408 and 1448, and KCauldron 1408.91 and 1488.121, with always the same result. I have the KC fix for Mobius core, and the libraries were installed with KCauldron-1448.191.


Both server and client are running Java 7u80, with 6GB of RAM and 512MB of PermGen.


If you need my server config, or the whole directory, just ask me.


I really don't know where is this error coming from ...

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All the mod versions are matching, the Tails mod error was here before and it was working perfectly.

(Just an error displayed outside of an if(){} I think).


I copied the config from the client to the server and updated Mekanism, just in case. It didn't work.

I re-installed Forge and it's libs, it didn't change anything.


Now I think it's a mod, is there any way to force a crash and see if a mod is errored ?

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I've maybe found something: the last changelog of Project:red says "- FIX: Stone brick itemstacks with -1 block ID", but I saw another topic with the same issue for the mossy cobble ...

I'll download the last P:R and see what's happening :)


EDIT: fixed ! Now I have a nice crash but I know the solution.

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