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[1.7.10] Extracting/inserting fluids into buckets


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First off, I know that filled and empty buckets are completely different items and that filling/emptying them is swapping out one item type with another.


I'm working on a tank block and would like to be able to insert/extract fluids by using filled/empty buckets, respectively. In my block class, I have performed a check in the onBlockActivated method to see if the held item is an instance of ItemBucket, but this only detects water and lava buckets (no buckets from other mods). From the research I've done, I was under the assumption that all fluid buckets are extensions of the ItemBucket class. I assumed incorrectly, didn't I?


The second portion is that if my tank has a fluid, I would like to be able to swap out the held (empty) bucket and replace it with a filled bucket of whichever fluid is currently in the tank. I also could not find any useful information concerning this topic. I was assuming with Forge's whole fluid system that these two things would be fairly trivial, but I must have missed something in the process of research.


Any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance as usual! :-)

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