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Entities and NBTs


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I was wondering if it was possible to get a projectile to read NBT data from the player's currently equipped item, preferably when it is spawned.

I have had a look at a few vanilla projectiles but I couldn't see anything helpful (though it is late and I may have missed something in my fatigue), EntityPotion has a method for writing/reading entity NBT data though I am not sure how to use it to my advantage, and Google didn't turn up anything either.

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Getting the thrower's held item and reading the NBT from there was what I thought I should do, but I was unsure where to put the code.

If I put it in onImpact it would create a slight bug, and I couldn't see an 'onSpawn' type event for EntityThrowable.

I have the code for handling the NBT and what to do for the result, just wondering where the most efficient place for it would be.

Would I perhaps need to get the item to write to the entityNBT in the method that spawns the entity?

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To be fair, diesieben07, I am new to Minecraft modding and I still have things to learn - I am doing my best to get by, by looking for answers in vanilla code, but obviously I don't know the best methods, or even all of them.

That's why I was asking for the best way t do what I wanted to do. I am by no means an idiot just because I am uninformed, so I won't take your reaction personally. But thanks for the pointer in the right direction.

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