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[SOLVED] How to compile individual projects in a workspace


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Hello, I followed the advanced setup from BedrockMiner (http://bedrockminer.jimdo.com/modding-tutorials/set-up-minecraft-forge/set-up-advanced-setup/) so forge is a standalone project in Eclipse, and my mod is is another one. But I don't know how to compile now. I tried to run gradle build in severel folders, but I always only get a .jar with the MEFA-INF folder inside.


Where to run the build command, and does the build file need more changes than when everything is in one place?

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Hm yeah, makes sense. But then I'd have to extract forge into a new folder and run setupDecompWorkspace everytime I make a new mod no? Or did I get that wrong "With their own forge"?


And what are the disadvatages of my/BedrockMiners method? Because I got it to work now that way, by adding the src path to the build.gradle file.

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I'd also suggest that even the goal of compiling multiple projects at once with shared gradle file might be mis-advised. Because the Forge library gets updated frequently, as do SRG name mappings, once you have several legacy projects you'd have the problem of having to update all of them before compiling any of them.


Sure you have to do a separate build per project, but that is only a 10 second activity to type in the command and another 10 seconds to drag the resulting JAR someplace.


In my experience, I only actually build the mod infrequently -- maybe every couple of weeks. Maybe you don't know that you don't have to build the mod explicitly to test your mod during development; instead you just need to make a Run Configuration in Eclipse and run it directly from Eclipse.

Check out my tutorials here: http://jabelarminecraft.blogspot.com/

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I only compile one project at a time. But perhaps there are things I don't know, since I don't really understand what you are saying at the beginning... But with what diesieben07 said before, is it really true that a forge update automatically updates my local forge version? That seems futuristic.


And I still do a seperate build per project, thats not my problem.


And yes, I do know that I don't have to build the mod to test it ;) I only build it when I'm done with changes and want to release an update.


But I'll check on diesieben07's method.

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Yeah well, I know that's not futuristic at all haha ^^ But then I don't see the problem. And, to clarify, I don't have Forge standalone in a project. I just have the default project you get when you setup the forge workspace, and then I created a new project, and I include the default one in it.

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Okay, I did it now like you proposed. Even though it is a tiny bit more work everytime I start a new mod, but that doesn't happen very often anyway ;)

The other method really didn't make sense, but these are things which are never explained in tutorials, so how could I have known that?


Anyway, thanks for the clarifications :)

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