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[1.8] Problem with getActualState


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I've a block that needs to update the state based on the amount of ice.

The blockstate.json file of this block needs more than 15 combinations (Facing & ice 1 -> 10). So I use getActualState().

But somehow, my

int ice = ((Integer) state.getValue(ICE).intValue();[/Code]

always prints the value of 10 (system.out.println() in getActualState() method).

I don't know how this happen.



Block class:



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When using IBlockState properties that are not stored in metadata you have to do some things different:


a) Writing them needs to write the actual backing storage (e.g. the TileEntity). You cannot set those states using world.setBlockState, they will simply revert to the default state of your Block. world.setBlockState only stores the metadata of your state (which is why getActualState exists, to enrich that metadata-stored state).


b) Reading them will always require you to call getActualState, world.getBlockState alone will not contain any of your "special" properties.

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I don't understand why you read property ICE and then write it back.

Also, you didn't implement getMetaFromState and getStateFromMeta well. Since you don't have a getStateFromMeta, the state will always be the default state.


And... using getActualState means some states are calculated not stored in meta. For example, the direction of redstone wire. If your block states cannot be calculated, I suppose tile entity is a better choice.

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