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[1.8] Binding Local Texture To .JSON Model


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Is it possible to bind the local skin of the player to a .JSON model? I want the texture of the player's arm to be on a certain part of the model. I'm thinking that where you declare your texture locations in your .JSON file you just plug in the texture location of the local skin (maybe the bind local skin texture has a texture location). I can't seem to think of anything, everything else is done in my mod except this functionality, I'd just like players to be able to see their own skin on the arm model rather than having a default texture on the arm. Also, I don't want to draw a model in Java using Techne, I want to stick with .JSON modeling (I like the simplicity yet the creativity of being able to create complex model renders). Any help is much appreciated, thanks to all in advance!

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I don't think that it is.


Skins are stored in their own weird way, for one i know that there is hashing involved so even if you could actually pull out .png from somewhere (which you can't?) you would have to know the exact hash of file.


In manners of Forge, you do this:

AbstractClientPlayer acp = (AbstractClientPlayer) player;

1.7.10 is no longer supported by forge, you are on your own.

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I figured there would be a dynamic texture path that I could attach to a json and UV the arm with its coords, but I guess not. If anyone can figure this out or know of a better way (like maybe draw the arm with the local skin in Java then render the item), just let me know, I'll keep this topic unlocked.

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