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[1.8][Solved]Tile Entity removed before it can be accessed


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I don't understand this at all. As far as I can tell I'm using the same technique as vanilla tile entity blocks, but I get the following error whenever I break the block:

Cannot get property PropertyDirection{name=facing, clazz=class net.minecraft.util.EnumFacing, values=[north, south, west, east]} as it does not exist in BlockState{block=minecraft:air, properties=[]}

And then nothing happens.

Block breaking code:

    public void breakBlock(World w, BlockPos pos, IBlockState state)
        TileEntityFireplace tef = (TileEntityFireplace) w.getTileEntity(pos);
        if (tef.getConnected())
            TileEntityFireplace.removeLocation(w, pos);

This code worked in 1.7.10 but not in 1.8. What do I need to change?

Thank you for reading.

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Figured it out:

The problem was to do with the blocks - I thought it was a TE thing because the error happened during a TE method. When breakBlock is called, the block in question has already been set to air. However the previous block is in the state parameter, so instead of using world.getBlockState(pos) (as I did in the removeLocation method), I should have used state.


Thanks anyway!

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