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[1.6.4] How to store variables per one block?


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Greetings, I would appreciate if someone helped me with this:

I want to store a boolean which is unique for each block, but when I use this

public boolean something = false; (in the block class)

and set it to true on some event like block placed, it changes to true for every block of the same type.

Is there a way I can store a variable that changes only in one block which caused the event and not all blocks?


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There is always only one Block instance per client.


Think of Block.class as a "description" of given block, not a block itself.

A block in world has 4 bits of data. That gives you 16 possible values, called metadata, which you can set per-block.

If you need more you will need to use TileEntity.


So if you need one boolean, it will be meta=0 for false, meta=1 for true.

Google on how to use metadata, hella lot of it.


Also: 1.6.4 is ancient and we don't and can't really support you without you giving any code, so you'll have to figure it on your own.

1.7.10 is no longer supported by forge, you are on your own.

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