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Common mistakes made with textures.

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There are many times when I browse the modder support forums and see a missing texture error where people's textures are present but they made a mistake with coding. Believe me, I know how that feels, I've made mistakes with texturing 3 times now. Some of these mistakes are not obvious, so I figured I might as well make a list of them.


1. Modids

You may be thinking, Modids? What does that have to do with textures? Well the answer in simple terms, it does have something to do with textures, all modids must be lower case for textures to work. I don't know why, but they do. This is the most common mistake I see on the forums with texturing.


2. build.gradle when using IntelliJ

If you using IntelliJ, you must put an extra line at the end of your build.gradle, and refresh. As diesieben07 pointed out in his tutorial:

If you are using Intellij 14 (which you should) you need to add the following to the end of your build.gradle before importing:

idea { module { inheritOutputDirs = true } }

If you don't do that, your assets will not work. (Thanks to SanAndreasP for finding this solution)


3. Coding Problem: Appears in inventory but not in world

If your block is appearing in your inventory but not when placed in the world, you have a problem with your block's coding. As pointed out here. To fix this error, check a few things in your code.

- Check your console. If you have something in there like, "The following texture errors were found." in there, the file may be missing.

    - Verify that if you do have this message in you console after running, that the files listed aren't missing.

    - If they aren't missing in your assets directory, you may have a typo in your code or your directories. Do not underestimate typos. Check everything!

- Verify that your block wasn't registered before the instance was initialized. This is a mistake that is easy to fix. Just put the registering line after the initializing line.


4. Coding Problem: Appears in the world but not in your hand

If it appears in the world but not in your hand, you have a problem with the item. If you have this problem, as this tutorial points out, there are two ways you can tell what's wrong.


Does it appear 3D but with no texture? If so you have a missing model.


Does it appear 2D, like an item? If so you have a missing texture.


If you have any suggestions for anything I've missed or anything I'm explaining wrong, reply and I will add suggestions and fix errors in my post.

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