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[1.8] Custom Furnace


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Hi, I just took a class on how to make Minecraft mods. Unfortunately, none of the instructors were able to show me how to create a second furnace, with a second set of recipes. Basically a machine.


I have found a bunch of guides for what I want in 1.7 and older, but I have yet to find a guide in 1.8. I have tried to adapt these to 1.8 but a bunch of stuff like texturing seem to be totally different. I am wondering if I am able to create a second furnace by extending the blockFurnace class? I have tried extending this class as well as copying the Smelting recipes and relabeling all references to it. However, I am unable to figure out how to make a second "active" state so the furnace will not just revert back to a normal furnace on use.


Any help at all is appreciated!

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Your instructors couldn't, or wouldn't? If they really couldn't, that's pretty sad...


BlockFurnace uses a static method (which you can't override) that is called from TileEntityFurnace's onUpdate method - you have to override the TE method to call your own static method instead, which would then set the block state to YOUR active / inactive block, rather than the vanilla one.


There is a lot of stuff going on in those classes, though, so what I would recommend is to start off with a simple block in 1.8, get it rendering and all of that, then follow a 1.7.10 tutorial on furnaces to get it going as a furnace with custom recipes, as all of that is basically the same.

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