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[] Forge Portability?[SOLVED]


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Hello Forge and all! I'd like to get started quickly, but first I'm going to explain a few things. I'm currently a fairly new modder, and I chose Eclipse as my IDE. I have a job in IT (decent amount of spare time) and a home PC. I would love to code in my spare time, preferably Minecraft. But the way my Works' network is setup, it disallows the setup from the Forge </> src cmd prompt (I use gradlew setupDecompWorkspace eclipse) - and I get errors saying that it cannot connect. The first error that pops up is for tv.twitch; which IS blocked. So I extracted the files on my Home PC so I could play with it here, and transfer the needed files to my Work PC so I could work on some coding, but low and behold; it's broken. Everytime I open it, it's like it's missing something. My main question is where are all the files extracted to? Because, it's doesn't seem like it goes into the 'forge' folder itself.



My folder hierarchy is

Forge Modding -



                              -----other eclipse files


                  ----forge files




If you need anymore information, please feel free to ask.





EDIT: I was hoping for a more viable solution to my problem, but here's your answer if you're wondering. You CANNOT setup a new workspace on a computer without having full internet access on a specific system to download all of the needed dependencies and other necessary files. You could possibly use a proxy; but I wouldn't think that's worth the trouble. Do not reuse old workspaces, as it will break everything; workspaces are not transferable. Thanks all.


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Okay I will definitely keep GitHub in mind, it's definitely useful; just need to figure out how to use it! :P But I don't care about the modding part at the moment, I just want to get my 'eclipse/forge files' efficiently set-up. Right now; it's like my whole library is missing. This is what I'm seeing. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-4s0sTLTjbaZTNRYjhFRjRNdjg/view?usp=sharing  <-- I KNOW I should have more stuff than this; and I put over 300MB on my flash drive this morning! The default minecraft mod workspace should already be there and working, but it's not. ;(


What do 'you specifically' mean by Portability? I think we're on a different page. It sounds to me that you're talking about the workspace/code; not forge itself. Am I right? Or.. crazy?


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Sorry for the double posting; but I've taken your advice - deleted my last work space and created a new one. I now have all of the forge resources needed for the modding!




But sadly; I'm missing some pretty important dependencies. Since I can't refresh the dependencies here at work; what do you suggest I do to transfer them else-where? Or would this not be possible?








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Is it possible to transfer the dependencies to a different computer? Because there's absolutely no way I can download them here because half of them are blocked. :/ Sad days! And yeah, that is what I read to set it up as. I haven't done this in a year or two and things have changed!


When I try gradlew setupDecompWorkspace eclipse




When I tried the gradlew setupDecompWorkspace --stacktrace


Buid Failed.


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Probably so, I could probably request full access to the internet for about 30 mins (perks of being IT)... I don't think my boss would enjoy me using a proxy haha. I'll just play around with java; not minecraft, and make my models here if anything.


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