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[SOLVED] [1.8] Custom Main Menu


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This is more of a question then it is a problem, considering the fact that I have done custom main menu's in the past. It seems that ever since forge started displaying the text on load-up (when the Mojang logo appears and the forge anvil is in the bottom right corner), my custom main menu's don't work. I've checked the code a billion times, nothing is wrong. The way that I'd hook my menu was by testing if the current screen was the main menu, and if it was, change it to my own. What is causing this and how do I fix it? Thanks.

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I'm not sure specifically, but perhaps there is another type of gui opened at that time. You might want to check for any GuiScreen at all and print that to console. It should tell you what GUI is open at that time, and then you could check for that instead.


By the way, changing the main menus with a mod is frowned upon. Imagine if everyone tried to get cute by adding things to the main menus -- it would be a mess and probably lots of compatibility issues as well.

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