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[1.8] keybind != mousebind detect when player leftClick ??


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good days


i wanna do some tricki code but get stuck in the mere begining,


well there is the method onItemRitgthClick but there is not an onItemLeftClick, only an entitySwing()


i wanna do some code to make it to perform an action only when you hold left click for at least 8 Ticks but do nothing if yoy just press for less than 8 ticks and release leftclick


but entitySwing just execute one time and nevermore until you release leftClick and press again


soo i wass tincking,  if i do some nbttag boolean leftclicked = true; inside the entitySwing  method 


then make a loop inside onUpdate() to check if (leftclicked = true) {count 8 ticks} then ask if mouse leftclick is pressed in local world, then send message to server to execute the pieze of code in the item i want when hold leftclick for more than 8 ticks



well thats the idea, the part whith i get stuck is how you make a keybind to check for mouse clicks, well i alredy have one working keybind class that check for keyboard's key_Minus key_asterisk and key_division and send messages to server, but i could realize howto to check for mouse events

thats the ting i need help whith   


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i found something in the  Mouse class and do



    * Called each tick as long the item is on a player inventory. Uses by maps to check if is on a player hand and

    * update it's contents.


    public void onUpdate(ItemStack stack, World worldIn, Entity entityIn, int itemSlot, boolean isSelected)



    if (isSelected)



    if (Mouse.isButtonDown(0))


    System.out.println("Boton Zero");



    if (Mouse.isButtonDown(1))


    System.out.println("Boton uno");



    if (Mouse.isButtonDown(2))


    System.out.println("Boton dos");









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