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[1.8] Custom worldtype trouble


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I started reading through minecraft worldtype, because I wanted to create my own. Problem is that I am confused how to do that right.

So I wanted to ask if there is any updated worldtype tutorial, or example code to study on how to use worldtypes for forge?

Greetz Fail

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I have the same problem and would like to know how to make custom world types.


The only 1.8 mod I'm aware of that adds custom world type is Vintagecraft, but it actually replaced the vanilla default and flatworld types with its own, which isn't quite the same thing. I've had a look at its code but it hasn't helped so far.


EDIT: Using the code I found here: http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/topic,28975.msg149170.html#msg149170    I made a world type appear that would generate like normal world gen. Here's my modified world gen class:



public class MYMODWorldType extends WorldType {


    public MYMODWorldType(int par1, String name){




    public GenLayer getBiomeLayer(long worldSeed, GenLayer parentLayer)


        GenLayer ret = new GenLayerBiome(200L, parentLayer, this, "HI"); //I'm not sure what to do about the String required at the end. It's only for the Customized world type, so I think it can be anything and it won't matter.

        ret = GenLayerZoom.magnify(1000L, ret, 2);

        ret = new GenLayerBiomeEdge(1000L, ret);

        return ret;






And then I added this into my main class after everything else:




    public void PostLoad(FMLPostInitializationEvent PostEvent)


      WorldType MYMOD = new MYMODWorldType(15, "MYMOD");



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