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[1.7.10] Remove Entity on unload


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Hello everyone!


I currently have an entity which gets fired in one direction every second.

This entity destroys itself after traveling 1024 Blocks (hard limit set by me) but I also want it to get destroyed when entering an unloaded chunk or when the world gets unloaded (basically not saving it to the world file).

This is because without this there could be a big amount of this entities stuck inside an unloaded chunk and when it gets loaded it could crash the server (depending on the amount of entities and server hardware).


I couldn't find anything about this and entities don't have a onChunkUnload method like TileEntities (which would have been the obvious solution...).



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1) Right, it will get deleted as soon as chunk is loaded...

2) You can prevent entity from saving by... simply not saving it! Override writeToNbt method and do nothing! Also, do not register your entity in this case.


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Overriding the WriteToNBT method with nothing seems like a good idea...

I have to try this once I get to my PC :)


The entity will still work when I don't register it? O.o


Thank you for your help!

Yes, entity registration is just for from nbt retreival and nothing more.


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