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[1.7.10] Colored Chat Translation


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Hi, I can't seem to send a translated chat component to a client that has any formatting such as color or italics. I can send the translated chat message, but I can't apply a color like Aqua to it. I've tried doing things like putting the color format code directly into the lang file itself but that doesn't work. I can't find anything through google that would help me, but all that I could find that was relevant was this (http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php?topic=25566.0), but that info is either outdated or just plain doesn't work.



Relevant code:

((EntityPlayer) entity).addChatComponentMessage(new ChatComponentTranslation("event.slimerain.end"))


Thanks in advance!

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Have you tried EnumChatFormatting? You said you needed color / italics / bold right? Look at this:

((EntityPlayer) entity).addChatComponentMessage(new ChatComponentTranslation(EnumChatFormatting.RED + "event.slimerain.end")) *May not be 100% accurate code*

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it spits out event.slimerain.end because if you don't have a .lang file that contains (event.slimerain.end=Whatever the translation is) dont add the brackets, it wont translate it, plus for it to use what is in the lang file you add new ChatComponentTranslation(EnumChatFormatting.RED + I18n.format("event.slimerain.end");

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Hey Guys,


i have a problem.


I cant cast chatstyle to chatcomponent


sender.addChatMessage(new ChatComponentTranslation("commands.troll.success.sender", args[0], args[1]).getChatStyle().setColor(EnumChatFormatting.RED));


What is wrong or how to fix it?


P.S. my english is not the best :P German

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