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[1.7.10] Custom particles are affecting other (vanilla) particle effects


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Greetings! I have a custom particle I've been using in my mod for fluid transfer particles in my tanks, but it appears as though every time the particles are spawned, it changes other particle effects around them. For example, I've placed a torch next to my tank and when my custom particles are rendered, the "smoke" particles of the torch are overridden with the textures for the EnderIO conduits. I'm...not even sure how this is happening. I've gone into the code and turned off my particles to make sure that it was, indeed, the rendering of the particles that caused this glitch and can confirm it. Are there any ideas as to what could be happening? Here's a link to the particle class on github: https://goo.gl/xmxEUV. And here's a link to (one of) the class(es) which starts the rendering of my particle: https://goo.gl/51ItJ0. As always, thanks in advance!

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I posted the same problem before. Its because you assign the EntityFX to an other Layer than FxLayer 3. If you've bound it to FXLayer 3 note that you must call (Tess =tessellator parameter):



//Tess.vertex methos



Hope this helped you out!



- N2ConfigAPI

- Meachanical Crafting Table



- CollectionUtils



- InGameConfigManager

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