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Strange Behavior Custom Furnace Item


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Ok, this is bizarre, but I'm sure there's a logical explanation (?). One of the Items in our mod acts as a Furnace, but cannot seem to smelt ores and other smeltable items from other mods. Vanilla Minecraft is fine, but all other mods items it turns into Paper (or if I install more mods, some other random Item). There is nothing fancy in the code. The only major difference I can see is that 'getSmeltingResults' is being called from an Item and not from a Container.


Item Code:

ItemStack itemstack = FurnaceRecipes.smelting().getSmeltingResult(s2);

entityplayer.inventory.addItemStackToInventory(new ItemStack(itemstack.getItem(), 1, 0));


When I print the variables to the screen (the other mod's Smelting Results), they show just fine. But when I addItemStackToInventory or  even dropItem, it makes paper.


However, if I change the second line to Spawn an EntityItem, it works fine (e.g.):

Entity entity = new EntityItem(worldObj, entityplayer.posX, entityplayer.posY, entityplayer.posZ, itemstack);



I am imagining that this is because the Item I am pretending is a Furnace is not able to access the items from other mods? Of course, it could be that I am just being stupid (there is some evidence to support this).


Can one of our brave moderators explain this behavior?



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Ok, I played around a bit more. There were two problems.


Changing the way the ItemStack was instantiated did fix identification of the right smelting result from other mods (pulling the correct NBT). So, on that part you were right. However, custom smelting results were not bringing in a stackSize (stackSize was 0). For some reason, vanilla results are showing a stackSize, but custom results from other mods are showing stackSize of zero. If I'd made a custom furnace I would have used mergeItemStack which would have handled the addition of items to your inventory without using the stackSize from the recipe result. Smelting results from the Furnace are always a stackSize of 1.


Anyway, to fix it, I set the stackSize manually. Updated code:


ItemStack itemstack = FurnaceRecipes.smelting().getSmeltingResult(s2);

if (itemstack != null) {

itemstack.stackSize = 1;



        if (s2.stackSize == 0) {

removeItem(entityplayer, s2);


cookedFlag = true;




Thanks for the help, and thanks for pushing me to look deeper.

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Exactly. But it does not. That was the original conundrum and why I was so confused. There are no problems with vanilla. And with hundreds of thousands of gameplays at this point, and hours of testing these last 3 months, I am pretty confident in that statement. You can download version 1.1.2a and see for yourself. There were no reports of any issues of Furnace Pet until it started getting added to modpacks and users began to try it on other mods' ores.


So, what makes Vanilla recipes immune to poor ItemStack implementation? Now it's your turn to do some digging :). Or not.



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