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[SOLVED / DECIDED AGAINST] [1.7.10] I need to store NBT in a BlockFluidClassic


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public TileEntity createNewTileEntity(World world, int i) shows up as not overriding or implementing a supertype method inside of a BlockFluidClassic.


So I have a custom liquid that I need to have a TileEntity for, but it looks as if that isn't possible???


If it isn't possible, then is there a way that I can make a normal block act like a fluid block, not including the flow or the liquid part of it? (The normal liquid doesn't flow / displace)


Basically, I need a block that you can move through, but function like swimming / quicksand. I need to be able to toss an Item into it and have it detect either touching, or intersecting with the tile enitity. I have that part set up, and it works with the liquid as it stands right now. The liquid doesn't flow, and it can only be placed in a special "multiblock" structure. The problem is, I need NBT stored in it, for some refining purposes. I would prefer if the player could "swim" in it, but that doesn't necessarily have to be the case.


So, am I better off using a transparent-ish Block for the liquid inside the structure, or is there a way to tie a TileEntity to a BlockFluidClassic?


I decided to change up how I was going to refine the stuff. Although, it would be cool if you could store NBT in fluids!

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Yes, I realized that I could later in the night after I completely changed it over to a regular block. I was trying to override createNewTileEntity like for a block container, instead of just createTileEntity.  The new function I was using required it to have a Block Container anyways, so I just made it slow down the player and have no collision with the player to simulate a fluid. Either way, I have special parameters for whether or not it can be placed (i.e. in my multiblock structure), so It doesn't really matter in the end. Thanks for the reply though!

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