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[1.8] Text on screen changing place

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I have a class called ArrowCount which creates a string of text to render on the screen. It renders fine, but when I try to reposition it, the text moves when changing the gui size in the Minecraft settings.


Here's my class:

public class ArrowCount {
    private static Minecraft mc = Minecraft.getMinecraft();
    public static int arrowCount = 20;

    public static void renderToHud() {
        if((mc.inGameHasFocus) || (mc.currentScreen != null) && (mc.currentScreen instanceof GuiChat) && !mc.gameSettings.showDebugInfo) {
            ScaledResolution res = new ScaledResolution(mc, mc.displayWidth, mc.displayHeight);
            FontRenderer fontRender = mc.fontRendererObj;
            int width = res.getScaledWidth();
            int height = res.getScaledHeight();
            int arrows = arrowCount;

            String arrowCount = "Arrows: " + arrows;
            int x = width / 2;
            int y = (height / 2) + 82;
            int color = 0xffffff;
            mc.fontRendererObj.drawStringWithShadow(arrowCount, x, y, color);


I thought about this, and I'm pretty sure that because in the integer y, when I added 82, it always displays it in the same spot because 82 is static and will not change.


Does anyone know how I can have the text in the same spot no matter what size the gui is?



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Few things 1st:


1. Event gives you resolution, use that, m8.

public void onRenderOvelay(RenderGameOverlayEvent.Pre event)
	int w = event.resolution.getScaledWidth();
	int h = event.resolution.getScaledHeight();



private static Minecraft mc = Minecraft.getMinecraft();

I don't think it can be static, Minecraft.class needs to be initialized (it's null on startup), so does your object (ArrowCount), after Minecraft.

But I might be wrong.



int x = width / 2;
int y = (height / 2) + 82;


This will cause your arrow count to ALWAYS render with 82 offset from exact center - the 82 value is dependent to gui size - thus with different gui size it will be different offset.


Use e.g:

int x = width / 2;
int y = height - 50;


1.7.10 is no longer supported by forge, you are on your own.

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