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[SOLVED]How to fix player can stand on top of my custom entity


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I don't think it is normal behavior to be able to stand on top of an entity, right? Plus my custom entity can't be pushed out of the way.


Now I thought the canBePushed() method was the one that controlled this. I overrode it to set it to true but still seems to have the same behavior.


There is another method called canBeCollidedWith() but I think that also affects attacking and so don't think I should mess with that one, right?


I crawled through the vanilla code and most living entities set the canBePushed() to return !this.isDead() so returning true should be fine for my purpose.


What am I missing? In my entity I'm controlling the motion tightly, so I suspect that the problem is that when it tries to push me I'm overriding it with motion all 0. How would I let the motion from a push happen -- is there some sort of indication that it has been pushed?


If there is no indication that it is in the middle of a push, I guess it must work with a "friction" sort of mechanism. I know that vanilla does that (always multiplies motion by something like 0.93 or something). So I guess maybe I need to implement that?

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