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[1.7.10] Trees and Dimensions - Almost Done


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Alright, so after searching the forums and following various tutorials and getting help from the community here I am happy to say that my Custom Dimension is almost done. Multiple Biomes, Awesome looking Terrain Gen and Caves. Only my custom mobs spawning in them and not vanilla mobs. A constant Twilight state so there is no day and night cycle. So everything is looking good.


Probably the last thing I need some help with is Tree Generation. Now I did some searching on these boards and I found a variety of different threads that ask the same question. How do you generate trees in your custom biomes. Some threads say to use a method similar to oreGeneration, others say to do it in the decorator. I tried both and must be missing something. I already have my tree generation code here: http://pastebin.com/mNV9PpJP


I just can't figure out where or how to call this. I thought it would be in the BiomeDecoratorHelper I have here: http://pastebin.com/xhApWrRg

See the comment i put in /** Generates Celestial Trees **/ and the code to go along with it. But as it turns out, no trees get generated.


Now just as an FYI, yes there is a custom topblock however that custom topblock is capable and able to grow trees on it as my saplings that represent those trees grow just fine. So what am I missing? Am I trying to put it in the wrong place? Is the code supposed to go in my chunkProvider instead? Any help is appreciated as I am approaching the last step to finishing up this dimension, or at least I think I am.

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