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I'm working on a mod, and not real sure how to get started.

The Great Duck

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I'm working on a mod, and I'm really confused how this all works. I read the block adding tutorial and the basic modding tutorial, but mostly I'm just not quite sure how to write this code and stuff. I know java and I can kinda grasp the format for classes and stuff, but mostly I'm just confused what I'm actually doing when making these items. Could explain how forge's system of adding mods works? Like, when I'm writing a mod, what is actually going on other than me just adding stuff where tutorials tell me to.


Just so this post isn't so vague I'll go into a little detail with what I wish to make with my mod. Basically it'll be a nine realms sorta mod. I wouldn't really say they're the standard mythological archetypes, mind you, but that's the general concept. Here's some of the mobs I wish to add (now, it's important to note that I'm not necessarily asking for help on how to code these. I'm mainly asking for feedback on my ideas, except for specific cases.)


A mob that charges at you as well as doors or anything else it decides to attack.


Various robot mobs that either help build/repair structure or attempt to siege the player.


Nidhogg Boss - It'll summon boulders to fall on you while rising lava (special constructs involving pistons and dispensers) tries to overwhelm you. It'll likely be in a small sub-realm with no water or block placing.


A computer controlled player mob (NOT Herobrine).


and more surprises along the way.




Realm ideas


robot realm basically to utterly ruin the player if they find it. it's chock full of robots that'll build all sorts of things in the home world to pretty much ruin the players chances of survival. Unfortunately, there will be items and stuff hidden in it necessary to access other realms.


valhalla is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. it'll have various stuff hidden in it, but it's pretty much just going to be a giant hall.


yggdrasil is a hidden realm that will access all the other realms. Unfortunately, it has a certain 'guard' inside. It's not going to be easy to access.


Atlantis is just that. the island of atlantis. various weremob hybrids and a slew of various new blocks.


there will obviously be more.




block types


electricity generator. it's like redstone, except through water.


there will be more...




Anyway, those are my ideas, and I would like help in getting this going.


Thank you,


The Great Duck.

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Im not really sure about what to answer here tbh.


To code ur machines use Block wiht TileEntity ( the interface is called TileEntityProvider)


For ur custom mobs start with making the model after that create them (various tutorials in the internet) and add Custom tasks to them.

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Just a note: Writing this mod PROPERLY up to point of what you wrote here would probably take up to few months of everyday coding.


What Forge does? Just google it. For short answer:

When minecraft is being loaded, Forge injects it modifications into vanilla code, those modifications are responsible for calling different stuff from registries that you register your stuff to by making @Mod. Events are something that allows you to add your own call to some action in vanilla - e.g LivingHurtEvent is called everytime someone gets hurt. Events allows you to manipulate outcome of certain action or even cancel it.


What are you doing when making something?

You are pretty much using vanilla code as base (extending it) with your custom code that then you register into Forge. Forge itself is responsible for putting that code to work, saving/loding it and making it as compatible as possible with other mods.


How to write your proposed mod?

* You define your worlds as what it seems - pregenerated (Valhalla = giant hall), generating a structure and loading it are 2 different things - 1st is much harder. Please define. For good example lookup how vanilla's villages generate.

* In any way - you will need to create your own dimensions that you will register into DimensionManager, lookup surface or hell dimension, you pretty much use same style.

* You also need custom generators, not my field of expertise, but that alone will take a LOT of time.

* Making power flow through water might be tricky. You best shot would be to make your mechanisms simply check if there is water around. There is no easy way of doing it - you could do something like:

if (waterIsTouching) scan.if.this.water.has.connection.to.power.source() // you would ofc check max 16 block around - more would be too resource-eating.


For mobs - I will STRONGLY disagree with predecessor - 1st you write Entity (lookup e.g EntityZombie), write it's tasks, THEN you make renderer.

Design -> Logic -> Looks

Useful templates:


Useful info:



EDIT: I could write essay here about what you should do, but 1st - explore Forge and read links I gave you. Then ask more direct questions.

Thinking about it now - without good Forge experience, writing this properly can take even more than said before.

1.7.10 is no longer supported by forge, you are on your own.

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