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[1.7.10] Invisible TNT, where to call doRender()?


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I am unable to get the entity associated with my TNT-like block to render in-world. I've looked at tons of examples on how it's been done previously and an equivalent number of "Help Me" topics, but nothing's worked for me yet. I've even attempted to use the vanilla TNT rendering code in the registry, to no avail. I know the entity is "alive", because it's dropping due to gravity and is exploding properly.


Here's my code bits:


Rendering Class, mostly copied over from vanilla RenderTNTPrimed Class.



Entity for the TNT-clone.



ClientProxy Class, register for Rendering the entity is on line 33.



Main class, Entity registry for TNT entity is on line 85.



Block Class, just in case you need that.



At time of edit: I've placed systemout statements in my doRender and RenderPrimedTNT methods, and it appears that they're not being triggered at all. I had assumed from the examples I'd seen that doRender was called by some skeleton class in Forge or FML, or even in Vanilla code, but I guess not. I've attempted to call it from my Entity class when the entity updates, but it bitches at me about static and non-static contexts.


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